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More than a conqueror (Part 1)

Senior Pastor Thomas explains 8 activities a conqueror in Christ must do to remain on the winning side of Christ. Is your weapon designed for spiritual warfare? find out in this powerful teaching.

More than a conqueror (Part 2)

Senior Pastor Thomas continues his teaching on "More than a conqueror". This is the final part. Hope you are blessed with this message. Please remember to Subscribe to our channel. God bless you

The Valley of dry bones - I can still make it

Minister Harris from the Apostolic Voice for Christ exhorts the people of God with this theme of the Valley of dry bones from the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel. The title of this message is "I can still make it". Whatever you are going through, hold on to the word of God, speak to that situation and God would bring it to pass.     Be blessed.

Worshiping through our giving

Brother Bertrand from the Apostolic Voice for Christ shared some insights about God and why our giving matters to Him as worshipers. Do you really know who your God is? Do you have the revelation of God? Are still struggling with your giving? This message would help you understand how giving can bring many blessings to you.   God bless you

                                             True Love

Do you know what true love is according to Jesus or do you continue to fall as a victim to those who take advantage of you? Senior Pastor Thomas Ikwili shares some important insights about true love from biblical perspectives. Don't miss this opportunity to learn something new and to be blessed in a new way.

God bless

                               True Love (Part 2)

If God is love, and we truly believe in His word, are we walking in His love as children of the light? Senior Pastor Thomas continues with the second part of this message to explain how our actions can expose whether we are walking in love or not. This teaching is a great way to see things from the biblical perspective so that we can bounce from being a victim to a victorious life in Christ Jesus God bless

                          Abiding in Christ  (Part 1)

How do you know that you are called for a great cause? How do you know that you can teach or train others? It is through intensive studies and experiences that God take us through to develop us as Word Practitioners. Senior Pastor Thomas Ikwili explains how abiding in Christ and understanding His principles can help us accomplish what God desires from us and not fall as victims to the schemes of the devil.


 Abiding in Christ (Part 2)

Senior Pastor Thomas continues with his teaching on Abiding in Christ. Sometimes life can put us in difficult situations, the wind and the storms of life can be violent, but we are not without promises. God is still in control of our situation, only if we believe, we would live to see the goodness of our Lord Jesus. Do you believe today?

Pure Heart

Do you have a hunger to see God and experience a mighty touch from Him in your life. Senior Pastor Thomas explains how it is important for us to first examine ourselves before we can invite God's presence. Are you dealing with anger? are you holding forgiveness? Do you desire to see God according to Matthew 5:8 ? stay tuned for more on this message with Pastor Thomas.

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