As Christ's ambassadors, our prayer is that when you visit the Apostolic Voice For Christ,  whether you are just passing because someone invited you or God Himself led you to be ministered to, your life be changed. And as you worship with us, hold on to the Word that is coming forth, because you are in for a Ride of  your life.
Here at the Apostolic Voice for Christ, there is never a shortage of ministers, you are guaranteed to always be encouraged by one of our anointed ministers in the sanctuary.

a place to grow 

While there may be many churches around our communities, AVC provides a unique experience where people from different walks can feel free to make a difference in other's people's lives.

We recognize your gift and try to put you where you will function according to the grace God has bestowed upon your life as written in Ephesians 4:7.

You will also get the opportunity to learn about the AVC's culture and how you can be part of our sanctuary of solutions.


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