The End of Deception (Part 2)

Senior Pastor Thomas Ikwili continues with his message on "The end of deception". Deception is dangerous and can come to us in so many ways. The question is can you recognize it? Can you perceive it? find out what the Word of God has to say about it.

The end of deception (part 3)

Hope you were blessed by this teaching series. We pray that God would continue to bless you and inspire you to be a blessing to others as well. Please share, leave comments to encourage us. God bless you

Binding the strong man

Sometimes we often find ourselves in situation where we don't understand what is going on in our lives. We seem to be running in circle and under limitations. Senior Pastor Thomas Ikwili explained in this message how sometimes  spiritual forces can have a hold on us, keeping us from fulfilling our best in God. Find out how you can be blessed with this powerful message.

Jesus is more than a Healer

Our limited understanding to the Word of God often puts us in a  place where we limit Jesus' identity to only what we can understand. But when we get deep into the scriptures and God opens our understanding as He did with the disciples, we would discover more things about Jesus than what our minds can imagine. 

Understanding Success from God's Perspective

There are many people who consider themselves successful by their own principles not necessarily by God's. In order for each and everyone of us to become successful according to the Word of God, we must look deep into His Word to discover what the Bible teaches us. Brother Bertrand from the Apostolic Voice For Christ, explains certain principles in the Bible that the Lord God reveals to teach us about success.

Don't be ashamed

Don't be ashamed of yourself because God has not promoted you to the next level. God is not done with you. No matter your mess, no matter your circumstances, He who started a good work in you will carry it out to completion. The Lord will cause all things even the bad to come together at the end. So don't be ashamed.

The Power of your faith

Sometimes, we often wonder what it took for people in the Bible to experience their miracle. Brother Bertrand highlights some important points often overlook on our way to our breakthrough.

Go in peace overcomer

We often forget our identity in Christ only to wear whatever life throw at us. The Bible makes it clear that in this world we would have many tribulations. But many of us instead of trusting our Master Jesus and the fact that He has overcome the world, we pay more attention on our circumstances than the report of our Lord Jesus. Go in peace overcome by Apostle Thomas from the Apostolic Voice for Christ through Biblical principle helps you get back into your course while you wait for Jesus to manifest His glory through your life.

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