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Roll the stone back and sit on it
Resurrection Sunday Service. Audio message December 8, 2019.
I refuse to be limited (Part 1)
Many times we forget the authority that Jesus has given us as believers and we let people speak negative words over our lives. Senior Pastor Thomas explains how we can stand our ground using the Word of God, reminding us the power and the authority we have in the Word of God because of our relationship with Jesus. Are you determined to push through the words spoken over you? Are you determine to make it and to become all that God has called you to become in this life? 
I refuse to be limited (Part 2)

I can still make it (Part 1)
It is often easy to give up on those dreams because of circumstances that life continues to throw at us. Senior Pastor Thomas explains through the Word of God that we can still make it. Though we may often feel like God is not working things out for us, the truth is God is always at work.   Can you see how God is working all things together for His ultimate purpose?

                                               I can still make it (Part 2)

It is never too late to begin to take authority on circumstances that seem to always affect our state of happiness.  Begin to make positive declarations about your life no matter what you may be facing today. I can still complete my education!  I can still get that job!   My marriage can still make it!                Stand on what you believe and God would make sure His word never  returns void.

I can still make it (Part 3)

The Lord My Shield -Understanding the devices of the devil (Part 1)

We are all called to walk in Jesus' footsteps. But the truth is without understand                                         How Jesus walked in the power of the Holy Spirit,  we would continue to walk as victims.

Senior Pastor Thomas explains how  the enemy can often take advantage of us because we are ignorant of his devices.

The Lord my Shield -
Understanding the devices of the devil (Part 2)
The Lord My Shield -
Understanding the devices of the devil (Part 3)

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