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Walking in the Spirit Part 1

Now that you have been saved, you realized that it is difficult to walk in the path of righteousness. Senior Pastor Thomas explained how we can walk victoriously in the Spirit when we begin to apply certain biblical principles from the Bible.

Walking in the Spirit Part 2

It is often difficult for us to see why we are not truly prospering as God called us to. But when we take a moment to examine ourselves, are we really walking as we ought to according to the Scriptures? Pastor Thomas explained through his message how we can be fighting God's process to enable us to become more than conquerors.

The New Covenant

Covenants are often overlooked yet they are still speaking today against some of us. Senior Pastor Thomas explained through the Scriptures, the flaws of the old covenant and the importance of the new covenant brought by Jesus through the shedding of His blood. This is another great teaching to help believers struggling to overcome their reality and live a victorious life.

The New Life in Christ

Many people are still struggling with the concept of being born again or the new life that Jesus came to give us. Senior Pastor Thomas explains through the Scriptures and also practical examples how we ought to view and understand the Word of God, and the impact It can bring in our lives when we are walking in obedience. Stay blessed.

New Life in Christ part 2

Senior Pastor Thomas continues with the second part of the message "New Life in Christ". If you are still strongly with your spiritual life, then this message would bring some clarity to your walk and empower you to be a better you in Christ Jesus. God bless you

Jesus is the way (part 1)

While people may believe they may be other ways to come through the Heavenly Father, Senior Pastor Thomas explains Jesus is the sure way and the only way to the Father according to John 14:6.

Jesus is the way (Part 2)

Senior Pastor Thomas continues with his message "Jesus is the way". Have you experienced Jesus as your Lord and Savior? Are you convinced, He is also the only one who can guarantee your salvation until His second glorious return? If you are not sure, let today be the day you become confident of the promise of God. Jesus is the ONLY Way.

The end of deception (Part 1)

Deception is one of the devil's tactics to stop the work of God in our own lives. Do you know deception when it comes before you? Pastor Thomas explained through biblical principles how deception can be a destructive tool if not quickly recognized and dealt with. 

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