On December 12, 2019, Senior Pastor (Apostle) Thomas Ikwili was awarded a vehicle by Service First Automotive to support His Transportation Ministry Vision. Below is a brief video of the ceremony. As a veteran, there are many challenges he continues to face in his own life, raising his family in line with God's commandments, support the church vision, attend different meetings to find new ways to reach the community and empower those involved in the ministry of the Gospel. This vehicle came as a surprise to support the work of God and to also remind everyone who is working diligently that God indeed is a Supplier to all our needs according to

Philippians 4:19

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by     Christ Jesus."

On December 20, 2019, The Apostolic Voice for Christ hosted a Christmas party as another opportunity to reach remote and nearby communities giving many gifts. Everyone who came was blessed with something and it was a great time of joy for children and also parents. There were raffle tickets, food, and drinks. Children had the opportunity to recite bodly their memory verses, the Old Testament books in order, and many more.

"Thank you all AVC for making this place feel like home"                                                                                                                 The AVC Family

On December 31, 2019, The Apostolic Voice for Christ hosted their first crossover service in the Houston location. This was a preparation to enter into the year 2020 with a new determination to continue to serve God in every area of our lives. It was a time of teachings, worship, and prophecy. Guest Speakers: Pastor OlaOwokoya, Rev. Akande Johnson, Rob & Michelle Hedrick, and Minister Ellora P.